As an invited Medical Professional, Julia presented how East Style Medicine and Therapies can be used in Western Societies.   No drugs, no surgery, and the application of Chinese health care, is growing in the US, was met with enthusiasm. 

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As the owner of Eastyle Healthy Life Spa, Julia has studied traditional Chinese Health Care, and now applies this to Massage, bringing you lasting results without drugs or surgery.

Massage Techniques to Improving your Body:

       A massage therapist needs to know how the functions of the body, relate to
the body's structure, and what the individual actually does with their body.  What does this mean?

      Take a tight muscle area, that hurts and prevents one from running.  There are bones involved (skeletal system), there is white tissue involved (ligaments and tendons and cartilge), there are muscle cells involved (to facilitate movement), and there are the various glands and circulatory systems (blood vessels and heart), that ALL need to work correctly.

           Massage Treatment:  free up the tight areas and correct any bad white tissue masses, so that the bones involved can articulate (move) correctly.   Then, make sure the glands and circulatory system is massaged to enhance recovery-rebuilding of any changes to the muscle tissue.  

           recommend specific exercises - stretching, and follow up massage treatment to speed up any structural changes

         Note:  the more structural changes that are needed, the more pressure is applied during the massage treatment, which may be easier to handle by shorter treatments and repeat visits.

Take a head ache, where the body is overweight and rarely is exercised...  Again, there are bones involved where-ever the weight has caused stress.  This could mean heavy hips or a large stomach.  Take the large stomach which causes stress on the lower back and feet. The massage has to focus on these two areas first, before working on loosening all the vertebrae in the back, leading up to the last place: the neck.   The neck treatment is done very slowly, so as not to tight up any muscles anywhere else in the body.  Often focusing on the Atlas (the last

vertebrae below the head), and massaging the places where the nerves emerge from the spinal column, can help to relax the rest of the neck.  The therapist needs to gently probe to figure out the best massage technique for the individual's neck, which relaxes the muscles and allows the nerve flows to smooth out, thereby reducing any head pain.
      recommend specific excercizes to keep the neck flexible, and also get the patient to adjust their eating and living habits
      Note:  sometimes the stress is also related to activities and people the patient interacts with, causing anxiety which freezes the muscles, pinches nerves and results in instant headaches.  If this is the cause, the correction is to stop interacting with the people that cause the stress, otherwise the headaches will continue although becoming more active daily will help.